Running your own business from home is a rewarding endeavour. You’re doing what you love and improving your customers’ lives in the process. Not only that, but there’s no one to tell you what to do and when to do it. While it’s important to recognize the good in being a home-based business owner, it’s equally as important to be aware of potential challenges so you can turn them into opportunities. In this blog, we’re going to focus on the challenges of being your own boss.

A female entrepreneur stretches at her home-based business office.

Exercising Self-discipline

When your place of work is also a place where you go to wind down and relax, you’re constantly trying to resist temptation. That bed looks comfy, doesn’t it? To combat this issue, create a home office that’s distinguishable from the rest of your home, even if it’s just a desk and a chair. You’ll create an environment that’s conducive to productivity.

Even as a home-based business owner, you can still get out of the house once in a while when you’re doing administrative tasks or business development. Cafes, coworking spaces, libraries, art galleries, and other public spaces with Wi-Fi are all great options.

What if your home environment isn’t an issue, but there are other distractions beckoning to you? No one can stop you from cutting the work day short to watch a stand-up comedy special on Netflix even when you should be reaching out to new clients.

There are a few things you can do to hold yourself accountable and stay motivated:

  • Keep a log of hours during your work day.
  • Set deadlines for yourself.
  • Do a light to moderate workout in the middle of your day.
  • Avoid social media for personal reasons.
  • Communicate with people face to face on slow days.

Managing Your Time

Home-based business owners often struggle with effectively managing their time. On busy days, it’s difficult to serve clients, take phone calls and make new bookings at the same time. Since most people who provide services out of their home work alone, they don’t have a receptionist to help them.

To avoid feeling overwhelmed, don’t overbook your days. Leave yourself enough time after serving one customer to properly prepare for the next one. Don’t neglect giving yourself breaks either. Feeling refreshed is important for your health and as a result, the health of your business.

Even though you’ll have a calendar which keeps track of daily bookings, to-do lists for other business activities are helpful for staying organized. Dedicate some time each day – or however often makes sense for you – to take care of these tasks.

A home-based business entrepreneur writes his schedule in a notebook.

Completing Administrative Tasks

When you’re an employee, you generally don’t have to keep track of company sales, create business reports or make bookings. When you’re the business owner, the responsibility falls solely on you to complete all administrative tasks on top of providing your services. If this isn’t your strong suit, there are platforms which can help you with administrative tasks, such as creating daily sales reports or adding new customers into your client database so you can track the business’ progress.

As a business owner, running into obstacles is inevitable. But if you possess the spirit of an entrepreneur, overcoming challenges is exciting and part of the fun. Success isn’t a straight line but, with perseverance and the right tools in your arsenal, you can reach your goals and get people excited about your services.