Homeur is a function of 2 words. Home and Your. But it pronounced the same way as the name of the great philosopher, Homer. You thought Homer Simpson? No, this guy is Greek.
No. Homeur is a dedicated technology platform and marketplace for home-based businesses only. We enable you to operate like a large business. This means, Homeur takes care of scheduling so your customers have an easy time getting an appointment. We provide you a unique web presence and help take care of the entire customer experience end-to-end.
Yes, that is true. When you create a new account, the name of that account is used to generate a new unique webpage address (URL). You can make it anything you like. For example, if my business was “Great Lashes” you would get the URL www.homeur.com/greatlashes. Your own unique webpage, which is as easy to set up as a social media account and has the functionality and feel of a fully designed, high cost website.
A home-based business, according to us, is a service-based business run out of the entrepreneur’s home and the customer has to go their home to get the service. For example, going to a neighbour’s house to get a haircut.
A homeurpreneur is a home-based entrepreneur. These people are an important part of the economy and are often ignored by most. Homeur wants to change that. We want to enable customers to get great service in their neighbourhood from awesome service providers. Many of these homeurpreneurs started because they were stay at home moms or they wanted.
Homeur is the only platform dedicated to home-based businesses. Online presence and scheduling is difficult to manage for any business, let alone a home-based business. You don't have to rely on classifieds and phone calls anymore. With Homeur you get a dedicated website and setting it up is as easy as setting up a social media account. You never have to renew it, but you can edit it anytime you like.
All basic features are free. Getting a unique webpage on Homeur is free. Homeur offers more services for free than any online technology that might be useful for home-based businesses. Why? We are dedicated to the success of home-based business. It’s a value that drives us. When you switch to pro at a low monthly price of $19.99 you add many features that help you manage your business. You don’t have to worry about picking up the phone for appointments or carrying change for customers; Homeur can take care of it all. Just focus on the magic of providing your service!

The basic package will always be free.

The pro package in $19.99 per month. This is an all-inclusive price for all services through Homeur. We do not charge anything additional for transactions through Homeur. If you accept credit cards for payment from your customers, please note that our transaction service provider, Stripe charges a fee. More information on charges related to Stripe can be found at:

Yes, we have both iOS and Android apps.
Think of it this way: home-based entrepreneurs live and work in the same place so when a customer goes to their home for a service, they are welcomed like a guest at their home. Going to someone’s home is special. One thing is for sure, you will get a higher level of customer experience at the same or lower price point than the market. Cheaper, may. Better? Always!
As a Homeurpreneur go to your My Sales page and click on the magnifying glass for that appointment. You will see a status dropdown, cancel the appointment from there.
Yes, you can and we encourage it. For example, we think it’s a great idea to upload screenshots of your social media accounts (like Instagram) to your Homeur website. You can also add the direct booking link of your Homeur website or just the link to your Homeur website to your social media account. This would help convert your social media traffic into direct bookings! Social media sort of get the word out is great, but bookings are better.

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